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What Does Your Brand Sound Like? - Express In Music officially launch in full force

From music makers to money makers - How original song branding can bring out the essence and emotions of targeted customers? A whole new platform can now connect musicians with commercial brands looking for music productions ranging from jingles to marketing campaigns.

Statistics show that the music industry is on a major decline. From December 2010 onwards, music production takes a switch towards crowd sourcing. A new portal has officially emerge to revive music scene and is promising to take the music industry to the next level.

On this new platform launched today, brand managers might wish to ask themselves, "What do my brand sounds like?" Express In Music is an online platform connecting thousands of musicians with clients seeking personalized music. Clients from various industries like media advertising and branding consultancy upload their specific music brief and through crowd-sourcing musicians will then be able to see this as a cash prize contest for music personalization. Besides being a pioneering platform to increasing demand for song personalization, the unique selling proposition appeals to clients who wish to communicate their brand through music in a much more convenient, faster manner through higher quality output. Through crowdsourcing for music production, musicians see the music brief (of a brand) as a contest and bid for the project by submitting their personalized song/music entries. The chosen piece gets the prize money in exchange for licensing rights. is a platform that connects thousands of musicians with clients seeking personalized music. The portal personalize songs for corporate branding and communication needs. Based on a brand's story and character, musicians customized an original song that best represents their persona. This results in touching audience and customers emotionally. The primary purpose is to engage original artistes' work of a personalized music piece that attaches a brand's meaning.

These are the mediums which brands and original music works can connect upon with crowdsourcing of music production:

1) Television commercials

2) Radio jingles

3) Feature film

4) Corporate videos

5) Social media campaigns

6) Event theme song

7) Web branding and much more others that a creative mind can proposed of

Benefits are achieved from specific quality music/songs according to requests at shorter time frame with cost effectiveness when mass musicians are able to collaborate on this proprietary platform. Musicians currently have a tremendously hard time earning from the music industry. Express In Music is here to provide the solution to commercialize their music and make it a viable conducive environment for business brands to engage their marketing needs through a personalized song.

Marketers know that buzz can be built through the music, brand, or movement in which they are pushing. This buzz starts off small then it eventually grows into a massive frenzy with the viral effect. When a brand is being heavily promoted people in an area, people begins to talk about the message in the music. They will be able to associate closer to the brand and marketers can establish an emotional element to connect with the targeted audience.

Brands have a mission to bring the experience of the small new shop back into the forefront of consumers minds, and maybe bring back the love of hearing and discovering new music all over again.

Brands gradually see how they are able to communicate their message uniquely and effectively through music. This is a traditional message medium but packaged under personalized music. It is the delivery that makes the difference, that makes a brand stands out.

Marketers need to communicate, to be a consummate and effective storyteller, which is what branding is all about. A successful brand illustrates a company or product story both emotionally and narratively through this crowdsourcing platform for music production and communication.

On a Corporate Social Responsibility side, musicians are constantly looking out for opportunities and it had always been a challenge to stand out from the millions of (original) songs and artistes that spruce up yearly. You can take this chance to fulfill a corporate social element to elevate opportunities for musicians. Passionate artistes, composers, singers will find this proposition interesting to spread their music and generate a new level of monetizing their songs.

How does Express In Music works?

Consumers do not want to see the normal advertising and promotion any more. They need an emotion association in which music and motion can bridge this gap.

Discover how a brand could express their brand through personalize music. Distinct and differentiate oneself to stand out from the crowd through an emotional medium - music. Be it a theme song that represent oneself or a music that signify a brand, marketers will be able to communicate messages much more effectively as one connects the brand with music. This in turn completes a viral cycle with an emotional touch element.

So, what does your brand sounds like?

Source: PRWEB

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