We create a platform for
both musicians and businessmen.



It’s a challenge standing out from the millions of songs and artistes.

It’s an obstacle to pitch towards commercial clients for their corporate anthem or jingle unless you have the right network and “connection”.

We allow you to participate in such pitches freely.

We bring the clients to you and ensure the music picked will get the rightful pay-out.

As you embark on customizing these music pieces, it can be a good portfolio for you to present towards future prospects and build up your professionalism with an array of jingle pitches displayed under you.

• Free to pitch your customized jingle and music tracks according to the given brief

Multiple projects for you to embark upon, given your preference

• Get your commercial jingle heard on media like TV and radio


We often hear background environmental music playing at the ambience of food & beverage outlets, retail chains, shopping malls and hotels.

Our objective is to have your music streamed into these physical areas in Asia and let your tracks be heard.

Instead of the usual cover songs or “branded” music usually played, we want your songs to cover the shopping and dining experience.

You will get paid royalties and know how many times your music has been played and listened to by consumers.

We have a transparent system that allows you to cash out every 3 months with fair money being paid for your performing rights.

You get paid and need not pay a single cent to be on this platform.



As a crowdsourcing site for jingles and voiceovers, we help you “get heard” through speed, mass quantity and high qualitative turnover.

Instead of going to 1 freelancer or a single traditional recording studio, you can now get multiple choices of good jingles/voiceovers in a short period of time.

Be assured of quick responses from our wide community of talents submitting to you in within your desired timeframe.

Our talent pool has a good mix of professionals, semi-pros, music schools and quality freelancers.

Instantly know the price you are going to pay for

Thousands of talents on site to browse through your brief

• You only pay the winning entry that you have selected


On https://usea.global, our sister site, you will find an elaborated description that depicts our music streaming service.

As our client, you can exclusively stream ambient music (over 50 genres) through our cloud platform when connected with our patented music device.

With a unique login, you can control and manage all your outlets’ audio branding needs at any place and time conveniently.

Ensure the music playing is uniform throughout your entire chain and make changes with your smartphone.

Inserting markeing messages like jingles and voiceovers can now be made much simpler through our platform.

Worldwide music licensing (performing rights included)

• Able to easily insert marketing messages remotely regardless where you are

• Gain in productivity as all the music has been curated and classified rightfully

• Music volume equalized and bit rate adjusted for the best sound output