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Instrumental piece with nature theme

Created by EIM Admin 28 Feb 13

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Length> 360 sec (> 6 mins)
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Target Audience

Professionals, Managers, Executives & Businessmen (PMEBs)

Brief overview

An instrumental music track is needed for a well established and reputable organization that provides business space solutions and is known for its enthusiasm in organizing environmental support programmes and initiatives. In particular, it is very active in organizing events to create and nurture awareness in the protection of biodiversity.

The music piece (without vocals) needs to communicate one of the key brand attributes of the organization as being energy efficient, green and environmental friendly. Hence the music should have a nature tune with possible sound designs or sound effects of natural environment like birds chirping and sea waves. The music will be played as part of their background environmental ambient music.

The music should be at least 8 minutes long (*alternatively, you can create a looping, example 4min X 2 = 8 min track) and the target audience would be basically working professionals.
# Submission Title Artist Ratings Time submitted Likes
1 Background Nature 2

Duration: 08:06
EIM Admin 18 Mar 13, 14:40
2 Background Nature

Duration: 08:00
EIM Admin 18 Mar 13, 14:24
3 Project Earth

Duration: 08:40
four hands project 15 Mar 13, 08:40
4 Hope

Duration: 07:40
Moon Chew 14 Mar 13, 14:35
5 The Enchanted Rainforest

Duration: 05:47
The Muziq Box 12 Mar 13, 20:44
6 River Song

Duration: 07:19 Show Lyrics
Dony Buntoro
10 Mar 13, 14:17
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