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Jingle for Birdnest retailer (广告歌 - 燕窝零售业者)

Created by Admin 18 Oct 13

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Target Audience

A mature crowd (成熟人群)

Brief overview

A 30-second mandarin track is needed for a health food retail chain in Singapore. It will be used in a radio commercial during the Chinese New Year period.

The Chinese health food chain, ZTP Ginseng Birdnest (正中平), likes to emphasize on the importance of being healthy and well nourished. The company has a commitment to deliver only the best and believes that giving a gift of health is what keeps life going.

An overall contemporary oriental feel is needed for the Chinese company – need not sound overly traditional but there can be a fusion of modern oriental music.

Lyrics can be cleverly compose based on the description above, as long as the meaning and gist of it is captured.

Towards the end of the 30-second track, at the 27th sec mark, you can add a catchy jingle hook that sings the brand name “正中平“.

The client has an intention to take the last part of the 27th sec mark jingle (“正中平“) for other future marketing campaign that they may have. Thus, it is important that the portion that sings “正中平” sounds catchy. Here’s a reference


需要一个整体的节拍古风 – 听起来不是过于传统,可以融合现代东方音乐。


在30-秒的尾端 (27th 秒起),你可以添加一个朗朗上口的顺口溜钩,唱出品牌的名称“正中平”。

# Submission Title Artist Ratings Time submitted Likes
1 正中平-广告(30秒)

Duration: 30秒 Show Lyrics
黎毅 14 Nov 13, 11:45
2 正中平-广告(33秒)

Duration: 33秒 Show Lyrics
黎毅 14 Nov 13, 11:43
3 ZTP Ginseng Birdnest(正中平)Jingle

Duration: 00:30 Show Lyrics
Leong Jiaxin 14 Nov 13, 11:42
4 正中平

Duration: 00:30 Show Lyrics
14 Nov 13, 11:35
5 正能量正中平

Duration: 0:30 Show Lyrics
Raymond Lee 14 Nov 13, 11:30
6 正中平-爱的味道

Duration: 00:32 Show Lyrics
张宇桦 14 Nov 13, 11:32
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