Seoul Garden as a place for all Celebrations

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Seoul Garden as a place for all Celebrations

Created by Admin2 17 Feb 15

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Target Audience

• Customers looking for a fun, lively, place for their celebration or for dining • Families • Couples • Students

Brief overview


•The English jingle will be use as part of our branding campaign for Seoul Garden as a place for all Celebrations (which include birthday, anniversaries, class gatherings, friends gatherings, corporate retreat, festive celebration, mother’s day/ father’s day, etc)

Style (in priority):
•Catchy where one can easily sings to the chorus
•Fast and Upbeat song - portraying a celebration mood such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCgSs9tkqa8 / http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODI0Mjc5MzQw.html (in the first 23 seconds)

Compulsory lyrics to include:
•Seoul Garden
•Optional - the song can end with a voice-over or rap that says “Celebrate at Seoul Garden”, if its too cliché or if the entire song already have the text: “celebrate” and “Seoul Garden” appearing multiple times, we are open to your creativity on the song.

*Should be lively and not sound cheesy.
# Submission Title Artist Ratings Time submitted Likes
1 Celebrate Life- 1min spot

Duration: 1.00 Show Lyrics
joão vincient lewis 05 Mar 15, 13:54
2 Celebrate

Duration: 01:20 Show Lyrics
Kandi 05 Mar 15, 13:34

Duration: 00:53 Show Lyrics
Jonathan Lim 05 Mar 15, 13:33
4 Celebration for everyone

Duration: 01:08 Show Lyrics
Lazar Dem 05 Mar 15, 13:31
5 Welcome to Seoul Garden

Duration: 1.1 Show Lyrics
Kevin Brennan 02 Mar 15, 11:47
6 Celebrate Good Times - Seoul Garden Theme Song_Demo

Duration: 1:19 Show Lyrics
Danilo D. Estioco 02 Mar 15, 11:46
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