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Project Title"GoodEgg.com.sg" Song Template - (English) Lyrical Song
Created byEIM Admin
Created on29 May 12
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Project Overview:

A song for to communicate the proposition of Good Egg - www.goodegg.com.sg.

This song should be upbeat and catchy. It has to be an appropriate 1min 30 sec to 2min song.
The lyrics should be kept simple with the use of basic words to deliver Good Egg image as per their mission statement. The lyrics of the song must be submitted along with the song submission.

Good Egg is an e-portal for the referrals of trusted services.

Our mission is to be the preferred platform to find good service providers and for our members to have a memorable shopping experiences.

Some key pointers of Good Egg:
1. Good Service
2. Unique and Exclusive
3. Free
4. Great network
5. Yielding mor...

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Song Title:Only the Best (At Good Egg)
Composer:Leong Jiaxin
Track Description:Fun & lively track, along with customized lyrics written for Good Egg.
Lyrics (if any):Only the Best (At Good Egg)

Verse 1
It's easy, it's free
And it's beneficiary
With referrals of services
That are all-time trustworthy

Verse 2
Exclusive, unique
Out-of-the-world networking
That yields extensive traffic
To your business in a wink

We are the link
We are THE platform

Chorus x2
Only the BEST (Best!)
Only the BEST (Best!)
Only the BEST
at Good Egg

at Good E.G.G (Good Egg, Good Egg)
at Good E.G.G (Good Egg, Good Egg)
at Good E.G.G
Only the best
at Good Egg
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Submitted By:Leong Jiaxin
Submitted Date:16-Jul-13 09:02:29 AM