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Project TitleSarah & David wedding - (English) Lyrical Song
Created byEIM Admin
Created on07 Sep 12
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Project Overview:

A personalized love song for a newly-wed couple – Sarah & David. Compose a soft melodic song that seals in their memories of days spent in Singapore.

The song should have a soft touch of oriental, Asia flavour. Here’s a reference to the feel of how the music tune can follow: http://www.siww.com.sg/water-convention-2012-programme (please see the bottom right of the website and click the song file to hear it). The music has a nice and good beautiful flow.

The client drafted some lyrics as a guide (below) but please feel free to edit the lyrics from there to suit your song. But do keep the main gist and storyline along that direction provided.

This song will be used on their act...

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Song Title:To Sarah & David
Composer:Leong Jiaxin
Track Description:Having a soft touch of oriental and Asian flavour, plus a tinge of Uniquely Singaporean feel, this song will definitely remind the couple of this warm and green city with beautiful coasts.

Most of the original lyrics by client is kept, changed some parts to get better phrasing.
Lyrics (if any):Verse 1
Sarah and David
Remember Singapore,
Morning bike rides on the East coast, Pulau Ubin, the sun, the sea,
the flowers and the trees

Verse 2
Sarah and David
Remember Singapore,
Your morning arrivals at Changi, the light, the pace, the energy,
the life of the city.

Sarah and David
Remember Singapore
the joy, the laughs, happiness and harmony,
And not forgetting us all

Sarah and David
Remember Singapore
November 9, 2012
Remember that we all love you.
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Submitted By:Leong Jiaxin
Submitted Date:15-Sep-12 04:57:45 PM