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Project TitleLove Beats – Orchard Central
Created byAdmin
Created on14 Feb 14
Ends inEnded
No. of Entries38

Project Overview:

A shopping mall song is needed to communicate the different facets of Orchard Central, namely:
1. Food
2. Fashion
3. Beauty
4. Home Decor
5. Shoes
6. Gifts
7. Sports
8. Desserts

The melody/ tune needs to be upbeat. It should convey an abundance of youthful energy and confidence. The target audience would be basically youths, students, young working adults and PMEBS who likes pop and electronic dance music.

The lyrics needs to be catchy and can centre on the eight facets of OC, describing how Orchard Central is a cool, hip and lifestyle oriented with wide shopping/eating selection offered at the mall.

Below are some of the words and winning entries people associate Orchard C...

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Song Title:Let's Go To Orchard Central
Composer:Terneille Alesa Burrows, Brian T. Jones
Track Description:Custom theme song for shopping mall
Lyrics (if any):Let's go

You know I wanna go

to Orchard Central

[They've got all we need]

Let's go

I know you wanna go

to Orchard Central

Food Fashion Beauty and Home Decor

Gifts Shoes Sports Desserts and more

They've got e-very-thing we want

E-very-thing we need

Have fun with friends and family galore

Great food good times and so many stores

They've got e-very-thing we want

They've got e-very-thing we need




You won't find a place more

Fun and Friendly

Come on everybody

It's all about sharing

Good times everyday

Orchard Central

is the place you wanna be


Ratings:5 Stars
Comments:BPM: 130<br />
Key: Em
Submitted By:Terneille Burrows
Submitted Date:21-Feb-14 02:43:53 PM