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Project TitleSeoul Garden as a place for all Celebrations
Created byAdmin2
Created on17 Feb 15
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Project Overview:


•The English jingle will be use as part of our branding campaign for Seoul Garden as a place for all Celebrations (which include birthday, anniversaries, class gatherings, friends gatherings, corporate retreat, festive celebration, mother’s day/ father’s day, etc)

Style (in priority):
•Catchy where one can easily sings to the chorus
•Fast and Upbeat song - portraying a celebration mood such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCgSs9tkqa8 / http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODI0Mjc5MzQw.html (in the first 23 seconds)

Compulsory lyrics to include:
•Seoul Garden
•Optional - the song can end with a voice-over or rap that says “Celebrate at Seo...

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Song Title:Celebrate Life- 1min spot
Composer:João Vincient Lewis
Track Description:Seoul Garden 1min commercial spot
Lyrics (if any):Whoa,

Everyday's a celebration
Spreading out across the nation
Smiling faces, warm embraces
Love is in the air

Giving your best
So the world's a better place
see it
feel it,
touch it,
taste it

Soul Celebration
Let's celebrate

Come to Seoul Garden
Get your Party On
Good Food
Goodness is going down
Don't hesitate
Come Celebrate
Seoul Garden

S (share your celebration)
E (everyday a celebration)
o (yes)
U (can u feel it)
L (Love celebration)

Seoul Garden (Let's celebrate, Life)

Ratings:5 Stars
Submitted By:joão vincient lewis
Submitted Date:05-Mar-15 01:54:27 PM