Hospitality & Retail

We use music to grow your business

We create the experiences your customers desire through background music and more. Receive sound strategies to attract customers, control human traffic, or whatever your business goals may be. Our on-site visits and research mean we can really get to know you and your customers.

McDonald’s, Ikea, Orchard Hotel, Maybank…We’ve partnered with major hotels, retailers, and F&B outlets to increase sales and customer satisfaction using the science behind music.

How can we help?

StrategyDeliberately wield the element of sound to attract a select demographic, motivate specific behavior and achieve concrete outcomes.
ConvenienceEnjoy a smorgasbord of sound-related services under one roof (jingles, voiceovers, sonic logos and soundtracks).
Establish Brand IdentityTailor music to uniquely reflect your brand’s image. We crowdsource music from thousands of artists worldwide, so you’re spoiled for choice.
Research & ConsultationWe’ll conduct an in-depth consultation to determine the exact outcomes you desire. Our field surveys and first-hand observations of your site ensure you get measurable results.

We make real business happen through music. Our awards speak for themselves (Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation & ASEAN ICT awards). Consult with us to receive a comprehensive audio branding strategy for your business.