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Sound is Impact.
We connect you with consumers.

We make sure your brands are heard and remembered with strategically crafted music.

Increase revenue. Improve customer satisfaction. Drive consumer behavior. We’ve helped real businesses achieve real results.

Do you know what kind of music entices your target demographic and creates consumer loyalty?

Are you using music that just sounds good without harnessing the psychological prowess of sound?

Every second these questions go unaddressed, your business loses customers and your ad campaigns don’t hold maximum attention.

Whether your business is in Hospitality & Retail or Advertising, we can increase your commercial presence with a scientifically backed audio strategy.


Our Consultation Process

In-Depth Music Analysis • Background Music Curation • Custom Music Production

We’ll do all the work for you! Wherever you are, and whatever your audio needs, we’ll meet you in person to enhance your brand’s identity and consumer experience. Express in Music's consultancy packages offer a complete suite of services to address all your audio branding needs.

Consultation for Hospitality & Retail:


  • Internal assessment of the corporate brand
  • Purpose: Provide Initial data for comparison and further research
  • Outcome: Accomplished assessment sheets, introductory workshops

WEEK 0-2


  • Brand Character Analysis and Setting Music Objective
  • Purpose: To create strategic options for client based on sound research
  • Outcome: Interviews and Surveys


WEEK 2-5


  • Evaluation of routes and creatives: Music Analysis
  • Purpose: Presentation of strategies. evaluate Proposed SOLUTIONS
  • Outcome: Proposal Report


WEEK 5-8


  • Implementation of finalized proposal
  • Purpose: To launch according to plans
  • Outcome: Proper directives For Management and Staffs


WEEK 8-10


Work with us to identify your demographics and brand character to shorten the proposed timeframe above by more than half!

In 4-5 weeks, you can look forward to receiving comprehensive recommendations and customized music branding strategies to boost your brand awareness.


We’ll do all the heavy lifting and give you evidence that this works by measuring your ROI with analytics and in-store testing.

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