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Chat with Jerry Chen from Express In Music

If you are running a startup, have you ever consider using music or sound as your marketing tool?

This video highlights what Express in Music can do for you. Last week, I met up with Jerry Chen CEO from Express in Music. I got to know Jerry during the Angel

From music-makers to money-makers

MUSIC lover and amateur singer Jerry Chen, 24, felt that local musicians were not getting enough work, let alone the exposure they deserved, so he decided to do something about it.

Teaming up with army buddy Adriel Chan, 24, he started a company that lets musicians showcase their talents and be paid for it.

Called Express In Music, it links up musicians with individuals or companies looking for original songs.

Taking Song Dedication To Another Level

The Express IN Music team - Adriel Chan, Wee Wei Jie, Tiffany Yew and Jerry Chen.

Music may make the world go round, but everyone knows the music business can be tough. Yet this not stopping the young entrepreneurs at ExpressINMusic, an online service that matches those who need personalized music with those who can make it. Started by four enterprising youths

Outsource Music Composition To The Experts

If you've never been musically inclined but have always wished that you could compose your own music and serenade your woman with a unique song just for her, ExpressInMusic might be the service you have been searching for.

ExpressInMusic is a local startup that allows individuals to send in their music requests and get a uniquely composed and produced piece of music in accordance with that request in several weeks. The process:

Express Your Brand With Emotions Through Music

In an unique manner, you will be able to communicate the message and emotions through music the way you want it to be. A special platform which can connect people's needs in delivering their message emotionally through original Music.

Building a buzz online and offline is the main objective of a brand or organisation generally to get their name out in there. The buzz must be built through the music, brand, or movement in which they are pushing. This buzz starts off small then it eventually grows into a massive frenzy with the viral effect.

When your are being heavily promoted people in your area will begin talking about you and your music. They will be able to associate closer to your brand and you can establish an emotional element to connect with the targeted audience. After your personalised music is buzzing, it will be a viral effect naturally that people tell their friends pretty much about your brand, thus promoting and distributing your music.

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