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Express Your Brand With Emotions Through Music

In an unique manner, you will be able to communicate the message and emotions through music the way you want it to be. A special platform which can connect people's needs in delivering their message emotionally through original Music.

Building a buzz online and offline is the main objective of a brand or organisation generally to get their name out in there. The buzz must be built through the music, brand, or movement in which they are pushing. This buzz starts off small then it eventually grows into a massive frenzy with the viral effect.

When your are being heavily promoted people in your area will begin talking about you and your music. They will be able to associate closer to your brand and you can establish an emotional element to connect with the targeted audience. After your personalised music is buzzing, it will be a viral effect naturally that people tell their friends pretty much about your brand, thus promoting and distributing your music.

Into this turbulent market have entered a number of established brands but also some new brands going into the traditional medium of promoting themselves. Consumers do not want to see the normal advertising and promotion any more. They need an emotion association and music can bridge this gap.

With a philosophy of community spirit and openness, these new brands are trying to connect with consumers in a way that the established major players have not yet managed. This direct connection is crucial, both to consumer and retailer, and this has not changed since the days of traditional advertising media and channels.

To help customers through this huge amount of independent and often undiscovered content, the new digital music brands are creating a true community network. In conjunction with many well known experts and major players of the industry the philosophy is about getting the consumer involved like never before.

Aiming to mix both massive choice with personal recommendations, the new brands have a mission to bring the experience of the small new shop back into the forefront of consumers minds, and maybe bring back the love of hearing and discovering new music all over again.

You will gradually be able to see how brands are able to communicate their message uniquely and effectively through music. This is a traditional message medium but packaged under personalized music. It is the delivery that makes the difference, that makes your brand stands out.

How can your brand communicate through music? (Media & Advertising, Branding Consultancy, Events, Wedding) :

In an unique manner, you will be able to communicate the message and emotions through music the way you want it to be. On a highly affordable budget, you will have a wide pool of musicians composing specially for you. From the music pieces submitted by the many composers, you can select the one you like from a quantity base. The time taken from the point of posting your "Music Request" is only an approximate 2 weeks - as compared to the industry average of 5 weeks. With the personalized song, you can meaningfully deliver your message effectively without the worries of legality issues like copyright infringements too.

How can your music reach out to others more efficiently? :

This is an opportunistic platform for musicians - be it you are a composer, sound engineer or performing is a chance for your talents to be discovered and appreciated. Many have seen this as a way of building up their portfolio in their music career. By promoting your original songs, you can edit your present music (i.e. the melody and/or lyrics) by doing some adjustments to suit the "Music Brief". Or also through inspiration, you can compose a whole new demo piece for the "Music Brief". You are rewarded through monetary remuneration and also the chance to showcase yourself readily accepted by the market. Projects are currently disseminated through the database of musicians and on a newer platform.

We hope to see music as a beautiful channel in the way we communicate our emotions and feelings...a message beyond just words. Touching Hearts.

Source: PRLog (Press Release)

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